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The deep water camera is designed and manufactured for well inspectors, well drillers, and other professionals who are required to view the condition of wells, downholes, vertical shafts and open bodies of water. The 360 degree pan and tilt camera is controlled via the handheld, splashproof touch screen 10.1” LCD Monitor to allow users to get a complete look at submerged infrastructure, compliance surveys, and feed or stock health monitoring. It offers 4K video ,12MP photographs. photo marking, meter counting,[m/ft switch] 10 times zooming, and 360 ° rotation of the camera through screen touch and body buttons. It is Wi-Fi enabled monitor to deliver professional multimedia reports to your customers mobile quickly and easily via App.
 Multiple camera options(Diameter:34mm and 57mm) ensure flexibility across various underwater environments and well diameters. Durable cable lengths up to 200m enable access to hard-to-reach areas.
The cable reel comes with 2 wheels, brake and extend rod for ease use and transport to and from job sites. With an IP68 rating and robust construction and the modular design of the downhole cameras allows for easy replacement of parts for service. 
Part 1: Display Unit
Display 10.1inch
Screen Resolution 1280*800 px
Touch screen Capacitive touch screen
Meter Counting Display, save,& reset
Length Unit m/ft.
Mark Input by touch screen
Language Multiple Language
Video Recording 4K、2K、1080P
Video Format MP4  H.264
Photo 12MP、8MP、4MP、2MP (JPG)
microSD Card  8GB TF card (Max256GB)
Display Mode 16:9&4:3
Image Magnification 10x digital magnification
Image Flip Up-down flip, left-right flip
WiFi Protocol 802.11 a/b
Power Supply DC 12V/2.5A  
Battery Capacity 6200mAh( 45.88Wh)
Working Time Over 6- 8 hours
Waterproof grade IP65
Size L*W*H 30*19*1.8CM
Part 2: 360 pan tilt camera
Resolution   4 megapixels(2560 x 1440)
Camera Rotation  360 ° horizontal circular rotation
180° vertical rotation
Rotation Rate  12r/min
Light Source  12 LEDs
FOV 129.5°
Lens Material Sapphire Glass
Waterproof IP68  
Camera Size D*L  39* 120mm
Resolution 4 megapixels(2560 x 1440)
  34mm camera
Light Source  12 LEDs
FOV 129.5°
Lens Material Sapphire Glass
Waterproof IP68  20Bar
Size D*L  34* 62mm
Measuring structure 3-wheel linkage
Size L*W*H 41.6*41.6*13.7cm
  57mm camera
Resolution 4 megapixels(2560 x 1440)
Light Source  24 LEDs
FOV 122°
Lens Material tempering glass
Shell Material Stainless Steel 316
Waterproof IP68  30Bar
Size D*L  57* 66mm
Part 3: Cable Reel
Material Steel & Iron
Cable Dia. Φ7.5mm
Length 200m standard
Meter Digital Interface RS232
Meter measuring structure 4-wheel linkage
Reel Size D*W  37* 21cm
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