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Camera Image Sensor 2MP SONY Image Sensor
Weight 26g(6IR940) 
Lens View angle 220°
Light source 6 LEDS
LED Control 8-grade LED/IR Brightness Control
DVR Monitor Size of the screen 5’’ LCD screen
Memory card 2GB-128GB TF
Control function Video, photo, playblack, Zoom, Led brightness control
Port USB 2.0, DC,AV-OUT, TF slot,Mode switch
Battery 4500mAh/7500mAh
Power Supply Volt/Current:DC 5-12V/2A
Size 132mm x 86mm x 18mm(5inch)/178mm x 122mm x 17mm(7inch)
Weight 220g(5inch)/350g(7inch)
Operation temperature - 10° C ~ +80°C
Cable Length 30m with cable reel
Pull range 50KG
Fishing Rod Fishing Rod Full carbon Materials
Length 3.6~4.5 meters
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