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Wireless Receiving
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Wireless freq.1of 6 groups 2.4GHz–8 channels CH1: 2414MHz; CH2: 2432MHz;  CH3: 2450MHz; CH4: 2468MHz.
CH5: 2490MHz; CH6: 2510MHz;  CH7: 2390MHz; CH8: 2370MHz
Within 5.8G-A    8 channels CH1: 5865MHz; CH2: 5845MHz;  CH3: 5825MHz; CH4: 5805MHz.
CH5: 5785MHz; CH6: 5765MHz;  CH7: 5745MHz; CH8: 5725MHz
Beyond 5.8G-B   8 channels CH1: 5705MHz; CH2: 5685MHz;  CH3: 5665MHz; CH4: 5645MHz.
CH5: 5885MHz; CH6: 5905MHz;  CH7: 5925MHz; CH8: 5945MHz
Within 5.8G-C    8 channels CH1: 5733MHz; CH2: 5752MHz;  CH3: 5771MHz; CH4: 5790MHz.
CH5: 5809MHz; CH6: 5828MHz;  CH7: 5847MHz; CH8: 5866MHz
Within 5.8G-D    7channels for FPV CH1: 5740MHz; CH2: 5760MHz;  CH3: 5780MHz; CH4: 5800MHz.
CH5: 5820MHz; CH6: 5840MHz;  CH7: 5860MHz; CH8: SPI
Beyond 5.8G-E   7 channels for FPV CH1: 5705MHz; CH2: 5685MHz;  CH3: 5665MHz; CH4: 5645MHz.
CH5: 5885MHz; CH6: 5905MHz;  CH7: 5925MHz; CH8: SPI
Sensitivity -92dB
AV IN TV system NTSC / PAL
Output voltage 3.6-4.2 V
HD 5-inch LCD screen Active area 108mm(W)  X  64.8mm(H)
Resolution 800 X 480 Pixel
Luminance for LCM 200 cd/㎡
Video Resolution 720*576 / 720*480
Video compress MPEG-AVI    30fps
Play format MPEG-AVI
Audio Subcarrier frequency 2.4GHz:6.0MHz; 5.8G-A/B/C:6.5MHz; 5.8G-D/E:6.0/6.5MHz
Earphone Frequency Range 20HZ-20KHz stereo
Earphone Output Left: 20MW+ right 20mW [16O](suit to largest volume)
Speaker 1W
Photo Format JPG/JPEG
Storage External SD card TF card  1GB-32GB(optional)
32GB recording time 10-32 hours
1GB photos 15625pcs
Operating system PC Windows & Mac OS 
Port USB 2.0
Language Multiple 
Power Voltage DC 5V  
Current(receiving mode) 660MA
Current( recording mode) 680MA
Current(recording with off-screen mode) 340MA
AC adapter DC 5V  2A
Built-in battery Li-battery 3200Mah
Standby time Wireless record ≥9.5 hours(off-screen);  ≥5hours(on-screen)
Wired record ≥12 hours(off-screen);  ≥6hours(on-screen) *LED camera not included.
Size (L x W x H) 131mm x 86mm x 18mm
Weight(g) 205g
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