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Vis Fish branch brand

Get the best underwater camera you need, it could be submerged up to 500 meters.
3rd Eye offers you best solution for underwater equipment.
Please make choice online. You will get the best underwater camera now. 
The underwater camera includes:
Wifi underwater camera
Analog cheap underwater camera
AHD best waterproof camera with good video quality. 
Application of the underwater inspection camera:
Home Inspection: Roof, gutter, chimney, Loft and Attic, Basement Inspection.
Wildlife Survey: bird's nest, snake's cave, fish pond, pet house, aquarium, aquaculture monitor
Construction Inspection: tunnel and manhole, well, elevator shaft, track drill, mine,  riverbed
Under Vehicle detection: cars, truck, excavator, SUV and so on.
Under Boat/Yacht Inspection and floating resort monitor.  
Extend your hand and eye for checking everywhere.       

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